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Live Websites

To View a specific Website & Template, Click on the different Images. A New Browser will open up to show you the LIVE website Sample. Each website has a unique Domain. Each Website has a Unique Template and Design. Each Website has Unique Original Content.












Showcase of Different Themes for the Websites above

Each Website has at least three different Themes to choose from. To View a specific Website Theme,, Click on the different Images. A New Browser will open up to show you the LIVE website Sample.


Showcase 01

Showcase 02

Showcase 03

Showcase 04

Showcase 05

Showcase 06

Showcase 07

Showcase 08

Showcase 09

Showcase 10

How the Administration Looks Like

Each Website has its own independent Administration. It is Software we built specifically for this business. Your Admin will help you take in orders, run your business, watch all orders getting completed on time, and provides you with all the means to easily communicate with your clients. Your clients will have a Login account to your Admin so they also view all their orders progress and status; and they will be able to manage their own orders - all info and receipts will be always saved for them. To view how some parts of your admin will look like, simply click on any of the images below. Each image has text below it to describe what the part of the admin is for.


Admin Login Page

Admin Main Page with No Orders

Each Service has its Own Submit Form

How orders will look like in your Admin Main Page

How U create Orders Manually

Items List

Orders Change colors depending on their status and progress

Page you can work per each of your Client

Revenue and Expenses

Content Management System (CMS)

CMS is software that we installed to each website. CMS makes it real easy for you to be able to work on your website without having any Website design skills and without having to Login to the server your website is hosted at to make any changes.


CMS Home

How All Pages are Listed in CMS

How easy it is to Add Testimonials

How easy it is to Edit the Content of any page
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